DCPR 2034: The solution to Mumbai's real estate problem?

Development Control Regulations are a set of rules created to ensure the proper and effective development of a city, as well as the general welfare of... More

Why is the Leaning Tower of Pisa tilted?

Known among Italians as Torre Pendente di Pisa, is the freestanding bell tower of Pisa Cathedral and is the third oldest building built in the square,... More

What are REITs?

Similar to mutual funds, real estate investment trusts are funds that pool money from investors and acquire real estate properties that have the poten... More

What is MHADA?

The Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority (MHADA) is a flagship housing scheme established under the Maharashtra Housing and Area Developme... More

Understanding Ready Reckoner Rates

Ready Reckoner rate is the minimum seling price of a property. They play an important role in regulating the total price paid by the buyer to purchase... More

Transfer of Development Rights & FSI

Transfer Development Rights and Floor Space Index are two concepts that form an integral part of the real estate industry. Both are related to propert... More

Slum Rehabilitation Authority

Originating from London, the word “slum” means an area of a city where living conditions are extremely bad, and where the buildings are dirty and ... More

The Union Budget and its impact on Real Estate

Since the beginning of time, owning your own house has been viewed as a milestone in everyone’s lives. One of the few things everyone aspires for is... More

Understanding FSI

Investing in a property, without sufficient knowledge or access to researched information, can be tricky, to say the least.

Slum Rehabilitation Authority & Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

Everyone throughout their life has needs, wants, and desires that they would like to be fulfilled. While wants and desires are reserved for the more a... More

Renting: A win-win situation for both Tenants & Investor Landlords

Millennials are now looking for fluid living options that give them the comfort and convenience of a home, without being tied down by long term commit... More

Work from home - Real Estate 2.0

Work from home is the beginning of a new paradigm that will have a significant and critical impact on the future of real estate.

V,W,L or U

The impact of this pandemic should be assessed across all three time-lines of short, medium and long term.

Is your life-time investment legally sound?

In today's environment, will the tried and tested narrative of “Best Price Best Deal” still hold true?

Technicalities underlining Home Buying

Purchasing a home is one of the most expensive investments an individual will make in his life.

Look before you Leap

The process of home buying should ideally involve a series of steps beginning from gathering basic information about the product.

The Tipping Point

Real estate as an investment opportunity today has lost its appeal, especially so amongst millennials.

Opportunistic v/s Researched Investments

Real estate investments, when made well, can be the safest and most rewarding investment an individual can make in his lifetime.

IOD,OC,BCC, CC: Essential not Optional

In India, a builder or developer must procure several authorizations to begin, continue and complete construction.

The I.Q. of Real Estate - The Investment Quotient of Real Estate

Every real estate purchase has an element of investment in it and should be made after meticulous research and detailing.

This Land is your Land and this Land is my Land...

Ownership of land in India is presumptive in nature subject to challenge.

The roots of RE Investing

A good investment is one which gives you suitable risk adjusted returns, is hassle free to maintain and can be liquidated with ease.

The Science of Investing

Any investment decision should always be approached in a scientific manner.

Covid 19.. WFH 20... CRE 21

In a post Covid scenario, the WFH culture will retain its usefulness and criticality.

Time and Tide wait for no one

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to investments is to believe that the market can be timed.

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