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About Us

Welcome to India's first research based, residential real estate platform. In an industry where data is hard to come by, tougher still to verify and nearly impossible to navigate without an experienced eye, we at Propscience are here to offer solutions and insights, no other company will provide. Catered to home buyers across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, our website provides detailed project portfolios along with multiple decision-making tools for the astute customer of today. We are not backed by banks or builders, nor are we brokers intent on closing a deal. We are an independent unbiased entity whose sole focus is to educate and inform customers and assist them in correctly evaluating real estate investments.


Our Journey 

Propscience is an amalgamation of several years of hard work, multiple ventures, and an unrelenting desire to create a product par excellence. We began our foray into the real estate industry with a prop tech venture called Brokers4Homes. Catered to individuals looking for superior property management services, we engaged with over 100 builders across MMR to offer customers a wide variety of residential property services. In doing so were able to gather critical information about the workings of the industry, understand consumer behaviour on a deeper level and identify dire challenges faced by both customers and realtors. 

Through this journey we became acutely aware of the shortage of accurate and authentic information that can be made available to customers. We were faced with several challenges when it came to extracting crucial details about a project from the sales team, online portals, and fellow counterparts. We realised that customers are often left to the mercy of ill-informed brokers and target driven sales executives that do not always put the customer’s needs first. The razzle and dazzle of price discounts, deferred payment options and extravagant show flats further mar their ability to identify the right opportunity for them.

Propscience was created as a means to empower the intelligent customer of today. Using the help of data analytics, artificial intelligence, technology, and sophisticated research mechanisms we have created a product that aims to help customers in accurately assessing projects and arriving at an informed purchase decision. We offer personalised reports, an independent ranking system to compare projects, construction updates, detailed reviews and much more. 

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