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Our Philosophy

Propscience is India's first information driven, residential real estate research site. We collect over 300 unique data points on every new residential project, verify and update the data regularly and collate it to help our users not only have all the information related to a particular project, but also provide research reports, reviews, and Propscience scores for each project. For the even more astute investor, we also provide personalised project scores, based on every user’s individual priorities and requirements. 

Yes, real estate research reports and analysis is not a new concept. However, none of the research, information or reports ever reach the end user/home buyer. These reports are more often than not only seen and utilised by corporates and funds to help them with their real estate portfolios. This makes Propscience, India's first B2C real estate research company, that allows home buyers to make a scientific, informed, data driven decision before buying a home. The best part about this is, while any research report be it for a stock option or property is expensive, Propscience is providing you with the same knowledge absolutely FREE of charge!

Our in-depth project analysis relies both on human as well as artificial intelligence, with a very strong emphasis on quality control, hence all the data collected and verified is done both in person and also against all the RERA information available. That combined with feedback from existing buyers, price valuation, deal trends, the track records of all involved in the project, and other key points will provide home buyers with all the information one would need before investing in a home, and all of this is available on our site. However, the most useful part about data and knowledge is the way we use it, and using the information to help you get the best deal, bargain a better rate, value a property accurately, judge it’s future earning potential, as well as mitigating buyer’s remorse by being aware of all the risks beforehand, is where using our software and tools truly come in. 

In our investors corner and section of each project, one will be able to access and use all these advanced tools as well as basic comparators, charts etc. Propscience is a purely information driven approach towards buying real estate and for its introductory period all our services will be completely free. So, with nothing to sell from our sides, if it is a truly independent, impartial, and scientific assessment of the most important purchase of your life sounds like something you should check out, then Propscience is the right place for you. When you are dealing with an investment worth crore of rupees, stop only relying on your distant relative knowing the builder, your friends friend having also bought a property, the local estate agents partial know how and start doing some RESEARCH worthy of the investment.

Propscience is your one stop for all your residential project requirements and for the moment all our data, information, research reports are all freely accessible and we encourage any and all home buyers to visit our website, gather as much data as they can and only then make a decision about buying a new home. Knowledge is Power, information is wealth and in this new age we believe it is time for technology to help even the odds in home buying by better equipping our buyers. 

To date, real estate has always been about the touch, the feel, the look, the aesthetics, and the art of the house. Hence the show flats play such an important part in any builder’s sales pitch. The other key determining factor has always been the commerce, and unfortunately by that, I do not mean the correct value a property kind of commerce. It is more about the incentive, the scheme, the EMI, the payment plans, and freebies thrown in. While all the above is important no doubt, they simply ignore the most important aspect of any investment, the science, the valuation, and the due diligence behind it. Strangely for the largest investment most people make in their lifetime, they do so with so little real or relevant information. This is what we hope to change and that is why our services our completely free to charge. Do you know how reliable the builder is based on track record? Do you know if the price your getting is above or below the value of the property, based on recent sales trends in the micro market and building grade? Do you know a lease hold land should give you more bargaining power since the house you have spent crores on, is on borrowed land!? This is just the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more one should consider, know of, and evaluate before buying a home. So do not rely on the little information you have, the enticing schemes and the perfect show flat alone, and do some REsearch before buying a home. You can start by coming to and learning all about Home Truths….

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